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Memories of a Forgotten Time [entries|friends|calendar]

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2-10-2011 [02 Nov 2011|08:52am]
I never understood how I managed to always forget about my Livejournal, but it happens but I'll try to stay a little more attentive with it. For now though I'll keep things brief.

I got into college, which is awesome. I'm currently on Campus and soaking in the college experience. I've been working hard to not run into people on my bike (Which I have no skills in) and trying to keep up with my course work like a normal person. It's pretty fun once you get into the flow of things, and though I get sick easily, it's nice to be independent from your family even for a little while.

I figured out I really love Kendo. The sport is so much fun - I joined the Kendo Team here on campus and haven't looked back yet. The workouts are hard, but they make me feel good afterwords and I've made a few friends through it. It's helping me get more active too - something I haven't done much of before.

I've been making a lot of new friends here; keeping me from becoming too lonely. Work is also really fun too - we have a bunch of fun nerds inside work and all we do half the day is run internet scanners to clean computers, then sit around playing mine craft or any other computer game we have on our own system. It's rather funny.

Classes are hard, but I'm enjoying them. The only thing that sucks is the fact it keeps me from doing things such as role playing online much anymore. I wish there were more hours in the day. >: But none the less I've been learning to cope and hopefully I'll come across a roleplay I can stick to with my schedule - sob.

I've been having weird dreams lately - I don't know how to describe them. They're just odd - in every sense of the word. Maybe it's because I haven't been feeling too great, but they really shook me. I'm hoping they're not a bad sign or anything, honestly.

That's it for now, Anyone can drop me a line if they wish. c:

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[09 Feb 2011|07:17pm]
Totally eighteen now.
Ps: How is everyone? We haven't talked in foreverrrrr.

- Pyo
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7/20/10 [20 Jul 2010|11:05pm]
Gosh, haven't updated in awhile have I? But I digress.

Saving up for (if you guys haven't known) For an Asian Ball Jointed doll. I'm more then a 1/4th of the way there and I'm pretty pleased with myself. After going to Anime Expo I was expecting to be put behind, but my collection of money is chugging along slowly but steadily.
I got a BJD picknic on Sunday, which I'm pretty psyched about, then starting the month of August I got a steady job picking berries. Hopefully by the end of August I'll be able to Order my Crobidoll Nao B.

Planning on getting Masume a doll as well (A small Pukipuki Flora, with Monica's help) So we're pretty giddy about that.

Don't really want to go to Kumoricon, but I'm planning on setting everything up to go. Gotta take some money from working to do it, but hopefully it will be worth it. Rooming with Masume and two of our Alumni friends, and gotta get her Colette(ToS) cosplay done (AKA, Monica and I going through the 'Tales of Bias-tape" phase)

Most likely just going to wear Sirius Black, Xerxes Break, and Zelos to Con. Don't feel like making any new ones, and gonna focus on our Black Rock Shooter (The Actual Anime, not the Vocaloids based off it =u=) cosplays for Sakuracon, and Dolls.

Totally Doll obsessed at this point, and there is no way I'm escaping it. Not to mention Jill keeps my mind TRAPPED on the Den of Angels Forum.

Looking forward to dolls. <3
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California, etc. [06 Jul 2010|06:24am]
in California for ten days, and so far it has been,pretty chill. Anime expo was a blast, though I think someone got really mad at me and I felt horrible after it. ; A ;

Chilling at my aunt and uncles was interesting. My youngest cousin Ezra loved Monica and I, so we spent the forth covered in baby drool, then the day after with my god family. Fairly productive.

Craving to buy a BJD real bad. Keep thinking of Cy and box openings.

Gotta bake carrot cake for Monicas birthday a few days after we get back.

That's all for now.
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Pokemon Meme~ [25 Jun 2010|10:59pm]
Read more...Collapse )

I'm an Umbreon~
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Birthday is in 3 days - Why does the color fit? o w o [30 Jan 2010|09:42pm]
you are mediumseagreen

Your dominant hues are cyan and green. Although you definately strive to be logical you care about people and know there's a time and place for thinking emotionally. Your head rules most things but your heart rules others, and getting them to meet in the middle takes a lot of your energy some days.

Your saturation level is medium - You're not the most decisive go-getter, but you can get a job done when it's required of you. You probably don't think the world can change for you and don't want to spend too much effort trying to force it.

Your outlook on life is brighter than most people's. You like the idea of influencing things for the better and find hope in situations where others might give up. You're not exactly a bouncy sunshine but things in your world generally look up.
the spacefem.com html color quiz

Wow. Birthday is on the 2nd; Mildly excited by it. (TWO DAYS BEFORE YOURS MY LOVELY UKE)
New semester starts on the same day, and i've been relaxing this nice four day weeking.
Apparently I failed my History test with a 41/80- i finished off the class with a B, and my over all semester grade was straight b's (evening out my two As with the two Cs i've gotten. =A=)
Ah well.

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Feeling like shit; but computers at school makes it a bit better. [22 Jan 2010|09:47am]
Fuck shit man, this new years was shit compared to last year. We're already into almost February and my life still sucks.
Suffering from mild depression doesn't seem to be uncommon with the world as of late; but you don't seem to realize how much it hurts until you've had it for a month. Fuck, I barely feel like getting on the computer anymore. 

Finals week is next week, so I'll be scarcely on most likely. Studying my ass off to manage to get a higher GPA at the end of the semester; these finals can either make, or break me. Yaay. Best thing to know when you're fighting an apparent battle that never ends.

Broke up with Muku two days after newyears eve. Apparently there was no "spark" for her. Or some shit along those lines. I have no fucking clue where that came from; but my personal vanity is pleased with the result. Though it happened at the worse time. (Fuck man, that just set my 'new years' off with upsetting news.)

Feeling sick as usual; running on a total of 8 hours of sleep over the past four days really isn't cutting it; the only good result is the fact its Friday and i get to pass out early. I know i can't make it past drama performances today.  Most likely i'll clock out as soon as i reach home, and have the process repeat over the next week.

Missed a bunch of people terribly when i got back from school; only bad part is now they're missing again. Apparently not getting my daily dose of 'Masume' makes me cranky- according to half the kids in drama. I snapped at them one too many times.
Its not my fault i hate not seeing my friends; or the fact that if you push me into a pole I get very angry.
People are so fucking stupid.

Photoshoot was canceled and moved to next saturday; i have another week to make sure i look my best as TYL!Belphegor. I need to finish sewing my Xerxes Break (Pandora hearts) cosplay, and my Russia cosplay for sakura con.

Oh wow, i didn't get any work done this period at all.
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Fuck .Fuck. Fuck. [31 Dec 2009|03:34am]
First of all happy new year everyone. <3
Fuck yeah it was a killer year and I hope next year is ten times fucking better. Lets hope there is a bunch of womanizing, pranks and other tom-foolery that can get us all into this coming year! 
My newyears resolution? 

1. Be a better judge of character. (Because apparently I have a poor one yo. )
2. Get a Job.
3. Get into tom-foolery with Masume. (Because we are fucking EPIC)
4. Finish planned cosplays.
5. Get a better love life.

Now the fun part. My lovely rant about my number 5.

Skip past this if you want more happy stuff.

Hidden!Collapse )


My wigs have finally started arriving at my house. Yaaay! I got my TYL! Bel cosplay for christmas, and the wig has finally arrived at my house. I'm so bloody happy man. I can't believe it arrived the day I left though. ; w ;
School is coming up soon and i'm mildly bummed about that, but i got to play in the snow up here for awhile. Atleast it was a kinda-white-late-christmas-gift ish thing, yanno? It was pretty cool when it started snowing.
I got some pretty awesome gifts for christmas too.
In anycase yo, sorry for the less then happy entry;
Lets hope the next one is on a happier note.
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Passing out on the bedspread, life is good. [12 Oct 2009|07:28pm]
Haha.... Fuck I haven't posted in awhile.  Things have been getting pretty hectic on my side of the pool. I've been trying to be better at updating this but it seems to just keep blowing up in my face. OTL
In any casee.

Past few weeks have been hectic. I barely have time to do homework let alone post online. But not that I've gotten most of my homework of the way, I'm going to try to be more active in the DR, and everywhere else. Its going to be a bit hard, but if I manage my time right I should be okay!

TO DR PEEPS: If anyone wants to see any of my characters up and active, Please reply which ones here. So i know which ones I need to post as more, and who I should drop, Yanno?

Not much is new. I should really go work on my essay....
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Has it only been three weeks since school started..? [29 Sep 2009|12:26am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Quick life update, I really need to check this thing more.

School: sucks. That's all really; It causes a lot of problems, and sucks 3-5 hours of my life away every day AFTER classes get out just on homework. Only good thing is TAing for the Japanese 1 class. The freshies in the class are all cute, though it gets irritating when they frantically wave at me in the hallways during the day.

Home:  Not much to say. Aniki started up college today, he seemed pretty bored about it. Sometimes I wonder if they need a class just for lazy genius'. Hes not interested in his classes at all, though I'm not shocked.

Romance: Almost hit the one month marker with Muku.. =////=  Its kinda surreal thinking about it. Usually can't hold a relationship for long; but I'm crossing my fingers.

Weekend plans: Cosplay chess match on Sunday with Ukedera; I'm a black bishop going as Belphegor. Pfft, its going to be interesting. We might have two Gokudera's.
Ex is going to be there. Really don't want to have to deal with her "BUT I LOVE YOU BUT I'M TRYING TO GET OVER YOU BUT I DON'T WANT TO BE FRIEND BUT I DO" shit. Seriously, if she'd just make up her fucking mind and let it rest.
I have the horrible urge to be cruel to here; Is it bad if the thought of seeing an ex cry makes you pleased? =w=

Week plans: KINGDOM HEARTS GAME TOMORROW YAAAAY! 358/2 comes in stock tomorrow~ Picking up my lovely copy after school~ Gosh I'm giddy about that.
Got a few assignments I need to finish before the week is up. Its odd that I got all my homework due on wednesday done.. ah well..

Thats pretty much it lovlies, Ta for now.


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Throwing up is bad.....right? [30 Aug 2009|04:28am]
Past few weeks have been a tad odd, but i've been pulling through somehow.

[x] Got a new desktop, its pretty useful. His name is Yuan, and hes the perfect match to Zelos.(laptop)

[x] finished all cosplay aside from roxas' wig. have 5 days to do that... whoo.

[x] finished piplup in one night with Ukedera, how useful!

[x] Got a girlfriend.

[x] Threw up twice while having guests over. 'z that a bad sign?

[x] finished 2/3 of summer homework. gotta do it.. like..soon.

lets hope things get better. Con is on the 4th.

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日本に行き増した! [06 Jul 2009|07:47am]
[ mood | crappy ]

Okkkaay! Long long time since i've got a hold of a computer. Japanese ones are hard to use too because of the button differences!

In any case, if you have been reading Masume's journal you've all kinda got a just of our trip. We'll make a more detailed entries later when we get the chance at home. (with pictures!)

BUT! Aside from that everyone who asked for something will get junk from japan be it they want it or not. But i did buy a few interesting things while i was here.

Kimmichi, I got you a pretty kimono that matches mine, and a lovely first volume of pandora hearts. <3

England~mun! That bento you wanted? I totally got it. Its pink, covered in strawberries, and fits you perfectly. (I also ended up getting sweet lolita in a lottery that I didn't know until it was too late. Wanna buy it off me? I'll post a pick of it later. )
I also got a few other things that people will like, and masume and I will be shipping some of the gifts together to save cash, yanno?

I miss you guys a ton, and we feel like we've missed a ton, so PLEASE for our sake update us with info, yeah?


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Fizzy pop soda...eh? [23 Jun 2009|06:14am]
[ mood | tired ]

As you've most likely read in Masume's entry, we are trying to stay up until 7am. We are realllllly dam close too.
I'm just tired as fuck.

Its so weird being awake when my father is leaving for work, but oh well. I'll be sleeping for several hours in about...40 minutes, then most likely rushing around to get the last minute stuff packed, everything charged, and make sure everything is pickpocket proof. The only place we really need to worry about is the airport, but its still good to make sure.

Oh god the birds are chirping outside of my window. I went downstairs too, and everything was...bright.  I love having things covering up my window so its still dark. ;;

Started reading Pandora Hearts due to nagging of ireland-mun and Kimmichi. Dude, its awesome, even though gilly is sputtering, and Oz so wants in his pants.

Hahaha, Monchu texted me about 30 minutes ago with questions about my Roxas jacket. She thought I was sleeping. pfffft.

Imma...go wait for the clock to run out now. Better entry in the morn-...evening.


....23:09 Hours till japan.
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[20 Jun 2009|08:05pm]
[ mood | calm ]


Holy crap its already Saturday.

This morning I woke up with the worst type of back pain, the kind in your lower back area that doesn't have anything to do with any type of sex. It was killing me all this morning. [Though it wasn't really morning. It was evening. err. 2:30ish really.]

We went to a party to celebrate that we are leaving for Japan on wednesday, it was fun. We played apples to apples, and found out that if we pull up any type of 'LA", "Chicago" or "California" Card we are going to laugh our asses off until someone actually gets what we mean.
Spent most of the time with Masume, It makes me happy that we are going on a trip together. [Aishiteru sume~]

I barely have any of my packing done. We're going on a last minute item run tomorrow, going to video only to pick out a nice new camera for me. [All mineee! This is why i'm only getting $600 in spending, cuz i'm blowing a large amount on getting myself a new camera.]

Got a large list of items to buy for peeps. This trip is going to be sick~

Does anyone know where to buy a childleash for Masume? 


4 days till Japan. o_o
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Ever have one of those days where you can't seem 'ta... [14 Jun 2009|12:55pm]
Bleeeh. Its Sunday.
I hate Sundays with a passion.
Every time one comes around I end up being dragged somewhere by my parents against my will. Today is no different.
I almost want to pull my hair out because of this, but oh well, there is not much I can do about it.

Masume is coming over on Wednesday, hopefully katie is as well. We're going to have a mini sleep over and study for Japanese. I think we might have hamburgers both nights or something. (my mum makes really good ones!)

every day I seem to be adding things to my Japanese Trip trunk, its highly amusing to see everything piling on top of it instead of actually going into it. xD
Though I DO have shit in there. My new boxers and socks. Yeah, thats all really. I guess I'm a tad lazy when it comes to actually doing anything about packing. Though I already know most of the clothing i'm going to bring.
I hate shorts. Stupid humid japan.

I rolled off my bed last night. My head hurts.

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How many days till..? [12 Jun 2009|03:59pm]

Oh wow, big week big week.
As I said, I’d make a bigger entry so here it is!

Last week consisted of tests and working on final projects, while this week consisted of fun!
Monday we started working on finals, even though they gave me hell I somehow managed to get through them without my grade point average dropping. I ended the year with most of my grades in the high B to high A area. I’m highly pleased about these results, as are my parents.

I got to see Masume’s new Hairstyle. Its fucking adorable on her, I can’t even explain it. I constantly have the urge to run my fingers through it. <3 [Love you sume!]

Got over the drama with Emily. We’re friends, though I think she’s ignoring me lately. I’m perfectly fine with that, she’s not the only Emily in my life. [My Asian Emily is so cool! We did a drama performance together, and she’s a Japanese 2nd year now. >w< ]

Tonight we have our last trip to Japan meeting before our ‘von voyage’ party on the 20th. I’m looking forward to the trip itself. I have a huge ass list about what to get for everyone, but I will be sending shit out sooner or later when we get back.

Kumoricon prep has slowed down even more. I believe my Sneasel cosplay isn’t going into action this year, just because my friend Gina said she’d make Masume and I OHSHC cosplay. ( Because of my bel wig, I’ll most likely do A. Hunny or B. Kyouya for Masume. It Depends.]

I’m both happy and sad schools out, it didn’t seem like it had already been a full year. Oh well, hopefully summer doesn’t pass by too fast.
Love you guys~

13 days till Japan! [thanks for the counter, Sume~]
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Quick update [11 Jun 2009|08:13am]
Holy shit schools almost out!

Seriously, that has been the only thing on my mind, not counting Japan.

I have a massive list of videogames and cosplay to finish until school starts next fall. Urg.

A more detailed entry later. Right now? I gotta go ta school. <3
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Seniors leaving is sad... [02 Jun 2009|04:23pm]
[ mood | calm ]

So the seniors last day was yesterday, and today we had to sit through them getting awards and what not.
The drum line also played during one of the parts; that was the only amusing thing about the almost morbid morning. 
I had to miss art class for it, but being with Masume, Kimmichi and Uke-tan make up for it.
[I got to copy the corrected test answers from kim. >w< And got Christina's birthday invitation. Christina is going to be my Sheena for K-con, I'm thrilled! ]

Found out that the project for Science is a 10 minute powerpoint presentation, meaning I have to speak in front of class. Goddammit. I hate public speaking.
Got my english project done, all i have to worry about is the test
Got my Government done, test is only problem.. if were having one.
Japanese final oral test is tomorrow, I know all the words front and back so i'm good. Test on the other hand? Gotta study hardcore.
Didn't have any time to work on art project today. It made me horribly sad.
Drama performance on Thursday. Joy.
Getting AP language and composition summer homework on Thursday. Picking up Masume on the way to school. <3
Did all my math work, all we have is a final test; Potampa's class is cake.
Thats all I need to worry about for school.

Trip stuff however?

I need to pick up a power converter and a new camera. 
Make a list of things to buy for people
and yeah.

K-con junk?

Need to order wigs. both Roxas' and Belphegors. Gotta get wig heads..
Finish Bel. (Dye shirt, borrow kimmichi's boots, make knifes, but varia patch)
FInish Roxas ( get coat from Uke-tan, style wig when bought, Make keyblades (Axel version & Oath keeper) )
Make piplup jumpsuit ( Buy fabric, measure Masume, get pattern, start work.)
Make sneasel (Get fabric and supplies, get pattern, start work) 

Thats all for now folks.
Love ya.

22 days till Japan
10 till schools out
credit to Masume~

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Head is clear due to missing half a pound of hair. [01 Jun 2009|08:35pm]
I haven't posted in awhile huh? I'm sorry 'bout that. I guess I've been a bit lazy. Last time it was around the 10th yeah? Right before I had the three come over for the musical. 

First things first, Musical was a hit. Loved working in it, it was one of the highlights of the year. I'm really sad to see all the seniors go, they were the best actors in the school. Hopefully we'll be able to still do kickass shows without them.
Masume looked adorable on stage, I got pictures of her costume on my phone too! >w< 

Had Helena and Emily over. Helena and I are cool, we're actually pretty good friends, if not a bit on the un-even side. Emily on the other hand..
Okay, She liked me, I liked her. She took time to think about it, I waited.
As I waited for her, I slowly got over her. Its really sad but true, something about making me wait puts me off. My emotions for her got distilled into nothing. She turned into another one of the girls i admired, just not have a crush on.
I invited her to our artshow a few weeks ago. I didn't have a way to tell her this, then she sent a text about a '2nd date'. I invited her as a friend; Big mix up there. 
Dad caught the text, I had to come up with a quick story that she was forwarding texts from being stuck in the middle of Helena and her girlfriends fight.
By now I didn't have any feelings besides of her being a friend, but my dad still shoved me into church that weekend, and forbid me to go out much unless if it was with Masume.
I had to go to church for the first time in six years. YUCK.
But over all, I'm not interested in Emily anymore,though now shes pestering my best friend about "being in love".
Were sixteen. Love does not happen, no matter how much you push it.
She really went overboard on that one. Now I'm mildly annoyed.
Apparently my emotions switch fast when it comes to a person. That pretty much means she was not the right one. Oh well. I don't care much. Wasn't as if I was going to see her much anyway.
Whats so great about dating anyway? 

Finals week started. I did all of my homework yesterday besides one thing of science, and I really don't feel like doing that right now. I spent 10 hours working on a journal for Honors English, and another 2 hours on an essay for Government. I have to study for a nine page Japanese final, finish an art piece, get ready for our play performance, start my slide show....
Too much work.

I got my hair cut today. Its really short, to my chin really. The lady who does my hair was thrilled to see me. She had so much fun thinning out my hair and cutting it.
It took us 5 hours to get it chemically straightened, then cut, but it was so fuckin' worth it. My hair looks rockin'.
...Fuck. I missed Seniors last day though. That made me sad, but Masume sent me pictures of Anthony attached to a pole, and we drove past the school.
They had a giant sign that said "Going out of business" across the parking lot. I was laughing so hard in the car my mother thought I was crying.

Over all, I had a fairly weird few weeks. I'll remember to update more often.
Love yah guys.
- Pyo

23 days till Japan
11 days till Schools out
Credit to Masume?

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Its sucks to be me! [24 Apr 2009|02:44pm]


All of the data on my laptop was lost.


That means? 

I lost all my music. My fanfiction chapters-

I don't even have all of my Icons anymore. OTL


I wanna go cry in a corner now.


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